Our Approach

We are builders. As such, we recognize the importance if a rigorous process to the success of any project. So, at Southlake, we focus our efforts not just on the finished product, but also in all the steps we take to make everything go smoothly. Staying one step ahead helps us avoid potential missteps. It's a proactive way of working that constantly reveals ideas and opportunities for improvement throughout the construction experience.

Shared Vision

At Southlake, we do some of our best work before construction even begins. By fully internalizing your vision for the project, we are able to develop a targeted solution that is tailor-made to meet both your objectives, as well as the unique needs of the people who will live and work in the finished space.

Pinpoint Planning

Quite simply, we consider it our responsibility to accurately anticipate every potential variable in a project. Not only does our unrivaled commitment to pre-construction make everything we build better, it’s how we’re able to offer such exceptional predictability of outcome.

Seamless Execution

Partnering with the most qualified design partners and subcontractors in the DFW Area, Southlake takes the concept of teamwork to a higher level. Combined with exclusive tools and the latest technology, our proactive approach frees you to focus on your responsibilities.

Flawless Delivery

Addressing Quality Control throughout the entire process ensures not only high quality construction, but also on-time completion. Punch lists are rare exceptions. And, even after an issue-free close out, we maintain a close working relationship to help in any way we can after move-in.


Construction is recognized by all as one of the high hazard industries requiring every effort to provide and maintain a healthful and safe work place. We are committed to achieving that goal. The safety of everyone at or near one of our construction sites, is something we take very seriously. The value of protecting the life and health of our employees cannot be overstated. There are great benefits derived from a strong safety culture. Productivity and morale are raised and insurance costs are reduced. Because of the strong commitment of the entire Southlake staff, we are consistently viewed among the areas safest builders.


At Southlake, we've made it a goal to develop a culture of sustainability in all that we do – both on the job sites and in the office. We strive to support the Owner, Architect, and other Design Professionals in their goals by looking at options for cost, location of materials, delivery timetables/distances, and locating recycled materials. We require that all of our construction waste be recycled – it is simply the right thing to do.

Items that we generally focus on, and which we assist the design team with, include:

  • Detailed cost analyses of LEED ® points during pre-construction
  • Storm water management/runoff issues
  • Landscape design
  • Water efficiency
  • Wastewater technologies
  • Energy costs to run and maintain major building systems
  • Construction waste management
  • Reuse of construction materials
  • Use and content of recycled and sustainable products
  • Certified wood products
  • Indoor air quality
  • Daylight and views
  • Life cycle analyses of sustainable products and systems
  • Payback studies for energy efficient building systems
  • Inclusion of LEED ® requirements for instructions to bidders
  • Subcontractors' understanding of sustainability goals
  • Innovation points


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